Learn About The Multiple Types of Hair Weaves

Hair weaving refers to the process of attaching human or synthetic hair to the existing hair by braiding or weaving it into natural hair. There are different ways hair weaving can be done with each type having its own unique appeal.

Hair weaving is an easy way of changing your appearance and overall personality. It is a good idea to look at the different types of hair weaves and choose one of the trendiest forms of hair weaves:

Human Hair Weave

This is a form of weaving which uses real hair from someone who has sacrificed their tresses. Most of the human hair comes from Asian countries of China and India where the women there grow it specifically for sale.

The hair is then treated to produce different textures and classified according to the type of hair it resembles including Brazilian hair, European hair, Indian hair, American hair etc. Human hair weave gives a natural look but the problem is that it can be quite challenging to get the appropriate match in terms of texture and color.

Human hair weave tends to get hard over time. The best thing to do is to soften them by applying natural oils such as grape seed oil, coconut oil, and extra virgin oil. For the best results, leave the oil on the hair for about 30 minutes under a shower cap.

Synthetic hair weave

This form of weaving uses artificial weave braided into micro-braids or twisted in order to make a unique pattern. They are temporary attachments used to create a different look.

Curly weaves

They are weaves which are braided curly extensions to the hair strands. This type of weaves can be done by professional hair stylists only. It requires a lot of care and maintenance especially while washing and drying hair. On of our most popular installs is the Mayvenn curly weave.

Bonded weaves

Bonded weaves are made by attaching extensions to small natural hair sections with bonding glue adhesive. This type of weave is costly and requires a lot of care especially when removing it otherwise it may end up causing permanent damage to your hair. Bonded weaves usually last for about one or two months and should be removed before the bonds become loose.

Fusion weave

Fusion weave is very tricky but gives you that fuller and striking look. You hair is divided into small sections and then the extensions will then be attached by using hot wax. This type of weaves can last of about 2 to 3 months and is even more expensive compared to bonded weaves.

To get the best weave, make sure you choose one that does not shed. You should go for a hairstyle that gives you the desired look but one that also allows your natural hair to grow. Therefore, it is very important to consider the effects the type of weave will have on your natural hair.

Before choosing any weave, you need to consider the style of weave you want to have, how it should be maintained and how it should be fixed that is whether it should be sewed or fused and how much it will cost and how you will apply the additional hair.